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Italy is home to some of the world's most popular and finest culinary products. Among these are of course pasta and pizza, but also risotto and fine Italian cheeses, Parma ham, extra-virgin olive oil, italian sweet wines, white truffles and many pastries and sweets, just to name of few.


Italian Foods and Drinks
Foods of Italy
Pasta, Parmesan cheese, bottarga, olive oil are just a few of the typical and popular foods from Italy:
Italian pasta
Italian pizza
Italian risotto
Italian cheeses
Italian Gourmet food
Italian Olive oil, vinegars and Italian spices

More about the popular foods of Italy
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Olive Oil
Olive Oil: An Italian Pantry (Italian Pantry Collection)
Leonardo Romanelli, Gabriella Ganugi
More information:

All olive oil is not the same. Like grapes, olives from different regions produce a different character. The authors take us from Lombardy in the north to the southern island of Sicily sampling the oil of each region in between. They disccuss the history of Olive Oil  and how it is made with differing methods from region to region. Included is a helpful chapter on choosing, serving and cooking with olive oil. The book also presents many simple, yet lavish regional Italian recipes for sauces, preserved items, entrees and uncooked sauces  - great as gifts (and even better for personal use).
Italian Cuisine: the typical Italian menuand ingredients used in Italian cuisine. Eating habits and styles of cooking popular in Italy. Some major Italian cookbooks.

More about Italian cuisine

See also:
Regional cuisines of Italy
Roman cuisine

History of Italian food
Over the centuries, Italian cuisine has greatly evolved in part because of a wealth of outside influences (Greek, Arab, Jewish, Oriental) from faraway countries which were brought back from expeditions or imported by invaders and immigrants. Read more about the history of Italian cuisine and Roman Jewish cuisine.
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Delizia!: The Epic History of the Italians and Their Food (Hardcover)
John Dickie
Delizia examines the culinary history of gourmet Italy from antiquity to today in the light of centuries of religious, political and sociological events. Each of the chronologically ordered chapters is set in a particular place at a particular time, resulting in a series of stories that bring out key moments in Italian food history.
Your guide to discovering Italy bit by bite
Delizia - The epic history of the Italians and their Food
Popular drinks of Italy
Italians invented some of the world's most famous vermouth and long-drinks. Some of the typical regional liquors are also gaining international popularity. Read more about the liquors, aperitifs and digestifs of Italy and other popular Italian drinks or beverages of Italian origin.

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Italian Wines
Find out how to read Italian wine labels, learn more about the Italian wine appelation system, and see which are the most important Italian red and white wines.

Italian Sweet Wines
Passito wines, syrypy wines and sweet sparkling wines from Italy. More about Italian Sweet Wines

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by Weight Watchers
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Italian Gourmet Delicacies
Read more about the finest Italian specialities, such as white truffles, botarga, panettone. See:
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