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Italian Wine Labels
The information given on the label depends on the type of wine.


The label of an IGT wine includes:

- Name of Wine
- Appellation "Indicazione Geografica Tipica"
- Type of vines
- Vintage Year
- Origin of the grapes
- Color (not always)
- Name and place of bottler (sometimes only on the back label)
- Volume content (sometimes only on the back label only)
- Alcohol content (sometimes only on the back label only)


The label of a DOC wine includes:

- Name of the Wine
- Origin identification
- Appellation "Denominazione di Origine Controllata"
- Vintage Year
- Symbol of producing house
- Category
- Name and place of bottler
- Color
- Mention of "Product of Italy" or "Italia"
DOC label of an Italian Red Wine

The label of a DOCG wine includes:

- Name of the Wine
- Wine appellation
- Producing house
- Vintage Year
- Volume content
- Alcohol content by volume
- Category
- Name and place of bottler
- Indication of vineyard
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