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Living, Studying, and Working in Italy:
Everything You Need to Know to Live La Dolce Vita
by Monica Larner
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Italian liqueur made of cherries

A Sicilian syrupy wine

Italian mathematicians and their major contributions to this area.

Maggini, Giovanni Paolo (1580 - 1630)
A Brescian violin maker, pupil of Gasparo da Salò.

Marconi, Guglielmo
Nobel prize in physics and contributor to the invention of radio transmission

Meucci, Antonio
Inventor of the telephone

A family of violin makers with as most famous members:
Micheli Zanetto (1490 - 1560)
Micheli Pellegrino (1520 - 1607)
Micheli Giovanni (1562 - 1616)
Micheli Francesco 1579 - 1615)

Milanese School of violin making

Minority languages of Italy
Languages spoken by local minorities within Italy

Molise Croatian
A diaspora dialect of Croatian

Moneta, Ernesto Teodoro
Nobel prize winner in Peace

Montagnana, Domenico
a Venetian violin maker

Montale, Eugenio
An Italian Nobel prize winner in literature

A cooked, semi-hard cheese from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Italian physician and educator

Monte Veronese
A semi-cooked, semi-hard cheese from the province of Verona.

Moscato d'Asti

Most famous cities in Italy

Most famous pasta dishes

Most famous violin in the world and of all times

A type of spun pasta cheese obtained through a specific production method.

A soft, rindless cheese from the Piedmont region.