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Getting Married in Italy
Planning your Destination Wedding in Italy

General Info and Documents needed
Marriages cannot be celebrated at British or American Consulates in Italy. Information about the formalities that must be completed in order to marry under Italian law must be obtained from the 'Comune' (town hall) where the marriage is to take place.
Some cities such as Florence, which perform many marriages between U.S. citizens, waive certain requirements (i.e. in Florence, the birth certificate requirement is waived when the marriage is between two U.S. citizens).

The first document you will need is a Nulla Osta (Certificate of No Impediment). This certificate is issued by your Consulate for the area where you intend to marry. The Nulla Osta can be obtained in various ways depending on whether or not both parties to the marriage reside in Italy. You will need your passport and full birth certificate (with names of both parents) when requesting this document. If applicable, you will need evidence of termination of any previous marriage (final divorce or annulment decrees, or certificate of death).

More information for British citizens.

More information for US citizens
- Specific information for US citizens wishing to get married in Florence.
- Specific information for US citizens getting married in the Milan district.
- Specific information for US citizens getting married in the Rome district.

Specific information for non-resident and resident foreigners getting married in Venice.

Choosing your Wedding location and Honeymoon destination
Your destination will much depend on the time of year you are getting married. In Summer a coastal destination such as the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Portofino are stunning. In Winter time you may want to consider a city vacation like Rome, Florence or Verona. Venice is so romantic that it is the preferred destinations of many couples all year round.
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Planning your Wedding in Italy
Keep in mind that local costums, laws and offer of wedding services may be quite different from what is usual in your home country. To avoid surpises, plan things well in advance and consult your travel agent. They may have local contacts who can point you in the right direction, for example when choosing a wedding planner or wedding venue. If you do not speak Italian fluently it may be a good idea to work with a local wedding planner. Compare offers from a number of different wedding services before you select one. Even if you plan to organize much by yourself it may still be a good idea to use a wedding planner for their contacts with local photographers and flower shops.

Invite your friends well in advance, with a year notice, where possible. This allows your guests to turn the event into their annual holiday and make plans accordingly. Provide information about transport and hotels well in advance. Offer a choice of hotels in different budget categories and be very clear so that your guests can choose their accomodation accordingly. Be very clear about what is and what is not included, unless you intend to offer an all-inclusive invitation.

Choose your wedding dress in your home country. There may be not enough time to have your dress made when you arrive in Italy and local ready-made wedding dresses may be quite different from what you expect. Check with your airline about how to transport your dress.

The following article offers a usefull list of 20 tips for a wedding abroad.

Are you the Kind of couple for a Destination Wedding ?
Still unsure whether you are the kind of couple who should have a destination wedding ? Would you like some more advice to find the right place where you can have the wedding, in a place that's going to make sense for you and your partner ?
White roses and calla lily wedding bouquet sitting on a granite rock,
overlooking the city of Varenna, Italy.
Photo by Renee Keith
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