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A red wine of fine quality with a very strong body (and an a high alcohol content above 14 %) accompanied by a very characteristic aroma.

It is often considered a "cousin" of the Californian Zinfandel for its tasting similarity.

This wine can be dry but it can also be found in a sweet variety. It is usually suited to moderate aging (8-10 years).

Primitivo di Manduria

by Alessandro Carocci Buzi



The color is a strong purple but it tends to orange when becoming to old
What's in a name:

The origin of its name, Primitivo, comes from the type of grapes from which this wine is principally made that has the tendency to ripen earlier than other types of vines. According to the history (or legend?), the name was chosen by a priest - Don Francesco Filippo Indelicati - who noticed that, among his grapes, there was this one ready for the ripening already by the end of august.  He called it "Primitivo" that literally means "the first, the earlier..".

Food choices:

The red dry variety is excellent with meat, particularly pork, and with spicy food.
The sweet liquorous one is a good company with all the desserts.

A Bit of History:

It is a very ancient wine probably being developed by a colony of the Messapians who settled in the coastal zone of the Salento - along the Ionian Sea - one or two centuries before Christ. Today it grows in the area between Taranto, Brindisi and Lecce in the Apulia region.

A bottle of Primitivo di Manduria from a local producer
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