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This original Umbrian pasta recipe is made with strangozzi - a typical Umbrian pasta looking like thick spaghetti - and black truffle.  The base of the sauce is made with olive oil (may be replaced with butter) and grated truffle, slightly fried in a pan at moderate temperature for a few minutes.

The Most Expensive and Refined
Pasta Recipes

by Alessandro Carocci Buzi

Strangozzi al Tartufo Nero
(Strangozzi with Black Truffle)
Put the pasta to boil and drain it pasta into the colander about two minutes before it would be al dente. Pour the pasta into the frying pan over the sauce. Cook it there for another minute at high temperature taking great care to carefully mix the pasta with the sauce. Serve the pasta always on warm dishes adding extra grated truffle and - possibly - some parmigiano (parmesan cheese) in small slices (scaglie).
black truffle halved showing inside marbled color
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Once the pasta is ready, mix it with the sauce and add saffron vigorosly mixing till the color of the pasta becomes yellowish. This preparation is typical of Southern Sardinia where this pasta is normally accompanied with a glass of Vermentino di Gallura (a famous Sardinian white wine).
slicing black truffle with truffle slicer
black truffle and pasta
Tonnarelli alle uova di riccio
(Tonnarelli with urchin eggs)
A very delicate pasta sauce prepared with urchin eggs, mussels and saffron, but rigorously without tomatoes. First, do cook the muscle in a frying pan with some olive oil. Then, add a bit of Italian parsley and peperoncino (red hot pepper). Add the urchin eggs taking great care not to overcook them (if fresh urchin eggs are used, 2 minutes will be more than enough).
Urchin eggs
Urchin eggs
Linguine all'aragosta o all'astice
(Linguine with lobster)
The fundamental piece of this recipe is to get a fresh lobster (possibly still alive) and a base of garlic, tomatoes - pachino style - and olive oil. Nothing else is needed as the flavor coming from lobster is really delicious and it shouldn't be masked by other ingredients. To be served with a very dry and slightly aromatic white wine .
Fettuccine con Ovoli, Parmigiano e Tartufo Bianco
(Fettuccine with Ovoli Mushrooms, Parmesan Cheese and White Truffle)
This recipe requires two very rare (and expensive) ingredients, white truffle - extremely rare and far more expensive than its cousin , the black truffle - and ovoli mushrooms, which are equally rare. Generally, they can be be found in early May or late August. The combination of these two ingredients, mixed with fine slices of parmigiano - creates a unique sauce and an unforgettable experience on the palate !

White truffle and truffle slicer
White truffle and truffle slicer
Ovoli mushrooms (Ovoli)
Tagliolini ai Porcini
(Tagliolini with Porcini Mushrooms)
Porcini mushrooms
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This traditional recipe of the Italian cuisine is very appreciated as it combines a base of olive oil where the Porcini mushrooms are "gently" fried accompanied by bits of garlic. Once ready, the tagliolini are served with abundant grated parmigiano and freshly sliced persil on top. Serve with a strong red wine (Montepulciano d'Abruzzo or Brunello di Montalcino).

How to prepare the sauce

Cook the lobster and let it cool down. Prepare the sauce slightly frying some garlic and pachino tomatoes in olive oil.
Tip: take some of the water from the pot where the lobster is being cooked and add it to the pot where you will boil the pasta. Once the pasta is ready, just mix it with the sauce and add the lobster(s) - cut in halves - and cook it for another minute.


Serve the lobster in the shell together with the pasta, reserving half a lobster per person. Do NOT add parmesan cheese (never add parmesan cheese to a seafood dish!). As a final touch you can add some flat leaf parsley or, even more refined, some bottarga (grated or sliced) on top of the pasta.
Linguini all'astice (linguine with lobster)
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