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Train travel is certainly the most convenient and relaxing way to get around Italy, especially if you want to avoid driving while figuring out road directions, lining up to pay highway tolls, and parking in Italy's big cities.
Italy Rail Passes

For International Travelers:

    * Eurail France & Italy Pass
    * Eurail Greece & Italy Pass
    * Eurail Italy & Spain Pass
    * Eurail Global Pass
    * Eurail Select Pass
    * Eurail Italy Pass

For European Residents:

    * InterRail Italy Pass
    * InterRail Global Pass

A Regional Rail Pass, such as a Eurail France & Italy Pass, Eurail Greece & Italy Pass or Eurail Italy & Spain Pass is perfect for travel itineraries that include these popular country combinations.

For visitors who would like to explore multiple countries including Italy, count on the Eurail Global Pass, providing rail travel throughout 21 countries, or the Eurail Select Pass for travel in your choice of 3, 4 or 5 bordering countries.

If your focus falls on beautiful Italy with no other distractions, then the Eurail Italy Pass will surely give you the time to discover all its vibrant cities with validities from 3 to 10 rail travel days within 2 months.

As the Eurail product range is only available to international travelers, European residents can also enjoy an Italy rail pass by selecting either an InterRail Global Pass or InterRail Italy Pass.

Please also note that rail pass and ticket holders are required to pay a supplement for high speed trains and seat or sleeper reservations. All of these pass can be found at most Eurail distributors.

Italy's High Speed Trains

Two of Italy's trains, Frecciarossa and Frecciargento, will surely impress travelers with their superior catering services and high speed service featuring multiple daily departures and connections to popular city centers. Frecciarossa trains connect Turin to Salerno via Milan, Bologna, Rome and Naples with speeds up to 360 km/h. In fact this train boasts 72 daily connections from Milan to Rome, some non-stop, delivering passengers in less than three hours. Other popular routes, also with numerous daily connections, include Milan to Naples, Turin to Rome, Bologna to Florence and Rome to Naples.

Frecciargento trains connect Rome to Venice, Verona, Bari and beyond with speeds up to 250 km/h. With 26 daily departures, planning a trip from Rome to Venice is a breeze and the trip only takes 3 hours and 30 minutes. Other popular high speed routes on Frecciargento trains include Rome to Verona in 3 hours and Rome to Bari in 4 hours.

International Trains

International trains facilitate connections from popular Italian cities to neighboring countries, including Milan to Barcelona, Nice, Paris, Amsterdam, Zürich, Munich, Frankfurt and Vienna; Rome to Paris, Munich and Vienna; and Venice to Paris, Zürich, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Budapest and Bucharest.

Italy Rail Pass Benefits

Many Italy rail passes offer pass holder benefits including discounted ferry crossings and more. For example, a Eurail Pass valid in Italy and Greece or an InterRail Global Pass provides free passage on Superfast Ferries on select routes, and a Eurail or InterRail Pass valid in Italy or Greece offers a 30% discount on these same routes. As Superfast Ferries offer great value for crossing the Adriatic Sea to Greece, it's also a great compliment to any Italian point to point rail ticket.
Explore Italy With an Italy Rail Pass

by Angela Guezen
Trenitalia trains cover Italy's rail network spanning over 16,000 km, with an excellent range of services from high speed trains, to Intercity services, to International routes. An Italy rail pass allows visitors to easily access trains throughout Italy, while enjoying the high level of comfort, service and flexibility Italian train travel has to offer.

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