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Regional Specialities of Italy
(Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and Roman cuisine)


Typical tuscan first courses are minestrones and soups, ribollita and pappardella, a type of lasagna. The Fiorentina bistecca (grilled steak fillet) is renowned all over Italy.

Umbria and Marche

Black truffles (tartufo nero) and pork dishes are specialities of Norcia. The regional dish is the porchetta, a whole sucking pig roasted on the spit.

Specialities from the Marches include vincigrassi (pasta cooked in the oven with a meat and cram sauce), stringozzi (a type of hollow spaghetti), brodetto (a fish soup), and stocco all'anconetana (dried cod).


Many Roman specialities are typical proletarian dishes (based on the so-called quinto quarto) or dishes of Jewish origin. More about Roman cuisine and Roman Jewish cuisine.
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