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Italian Loanwords in English
(the Italian etymology of some common English words)
part 2

see also: List of Italian Loanwords in English (part 1)

compiled by Catherine de Luca

Carnival: from carnevale, an alteration of Milanese carnelevale and Old Pisan carnelevare (literally meaning: leaving off eating meat, from levare (to remove) and carne (meat). Carnival originally refered to the last three days before Lent.

Casino: from casino, the diminutive form of casa (house). The meaning "building used for gambling" was first used in English in 1851.

Pants: shortening of 'pantaloons', formed from an association with Pantalone,  Pantaleone (known in English as 'Pantaloon'), a Venetian character in early Italian comedy wearing tight trousers that were a combination of breeches and stockings.

Risk (1661):  from Italian riso, rischio, of uncertain origin.

Umbrella: from Italian ombrello, ombrella, from Late Latin umbella 'sunshade, parasol', dim. of umbra 'shade, shadow'. The sunshade in the Mediterranean became a shelter from the rain in England.

Volcano: from Italian vulcano, volcano, literally meaning, 'burning mountain'. First applied to the Etna by the Romans, as the seat of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and metal working.
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Influenza: borrowed from italian influenza (literally: influence (of the stars)) during an outbreak of this disease that spread over Europe in 1743.

Malaria: from Italian mala aria (bad air). The disease was formerly thought to be caused by bad air in swampy areas.
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