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Calabria is a region in southern Italy, south of Naples, located at the "toe" of the Italian peninsula. Due to immigration  Calabria is scarsely populated and offers unspoilt countryside as well as historic centres. Founded as a Greek colony, it was taken by the Romans in 268 B.C. and by the Byzantine Empire in the ninth century A.D. Crotone and Locri Epizephiri in Calabria were important centres.


The Calabrian climate is distinctly Mediterranean. Near the coast the climate is very hot and dry throughout most of the year. The Ionian coast is warmer and dryer than the Tyrrenean coast, actually it is the hottest area on the peninsula.  Heading inland towards the Sila mountains one will find harsher and colder winters and various microclimates throughout the year that prompt a great diversity of vegetation. Maximum spring temperatures in March - May range from 17° to 24° C. In June - August maximum temperatures can go as high as 41° C, which is why the siesta was invented. Autumn is much the same as spring. In winter temperature will rarely dip lower than 15° C in January and February.


Etymology of the Name Calabria

The many populations that colonized the region before the Bronze Age and in more recent times, referred to this region with different names:
Enotria (land of wine), Opicia (land of the abundance), Ausonia (the land colonized by the Ausoni), Tauronia (land of the cattle).
It was also called Brezia (the land of the Bretti), by the Oscan speaking population that occupied the central part of Italy.
The present name refers to the Byzantine duchy of Calabria, a toponym deriving either from the Greek "calos" meaning beautiful and bryon meaning moss or vegetation, that is abundance of rural land with flora; or from the archaic Latin word "cala" meaning rocks or peaks, thus (the land of) mountains.